Monday, October 31, 2005



This is my new Blog.

I am professor of computer science at the University of Nantes, France and a member of the INRIA ATLAS team. I am interested in the research area of model engineering. I am planning to use this Blog to discuss ideas on this research area and may be more.

You may contact me on my secondary google adress bezivin{atNoSpam} Although this is not may main e.mail address, I consult it quite frequently. My primary adress could be found on my professional Web site at University of Nantes (Jean Bezivin). Our research team (ATLAS) is a joint research group from INRIA and Univesity of Nantes.

The previous Blog was just a try and did not really work. I will transfer here the initial posts I had on this Blog before emptying it and putting a link on this one.

To start the transfer of data, here is the initial list of Blogs I enjoy reading:
Later I will add other Blogs to this initial list.

I've read your papers related to UML, MDA in porc. of UML series and ECMDA series. I am very pleased to find your Blog here and want to visit your homepage from the link above. But unfortunately, it's unaccessible and shows only some wrong messages.

Would you show me another website containing the infromation of your research and group.

Tian ZHANG from Nanjing Univ., China
Dear professor,

I am a university student. Now I'm
learning model transformaiton from uml to bpel. I am very glad to find your Blog here.And now I have some problems to need your help.

Would you take your email to me ?
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